The primary purpose of the delegates at the Michigan Farm Bureau Annual Meeting is to set direction for the organization by adopting policies, electing directors to the MFB Board of Directors and to recognize outstanding member and county activities.


  • Delegates must be regular members in good standing, and must be certified by their County Board of Directors as being actively engaged in production agriculture and be able to represent the interests of the county Farm Bureau and agriculture. No employee of Michigan Farm Bureau or any of its affiliate companies may be a voting delegate.
  • Delegates should be able to speak before groups, or at least have a person amongst them who can represent to the assembly the views of their county.
  • The County Farm Bureau determines Regular member status. Regular members who are selected as official delegates to represent their county Farm Bureau are eligible to vote. Each county is assigned a certain number of delegates who may be seated on the delegate floor at one time, based on total regular members.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order are used and a simple majority prevails. “Robert’s Rules of Order” are rules for parliamentary procedure based on the consideration of the rights of the majority, the rights of the minority and the rights of individual members, in conducting official business.

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review proposed resolutions prior to attending the annual meeting, and should be familiar with their county’s position on key agricultural issues.
  • Responsible to attend delegate session to represent their county in voting on policy positions for the next year.
  • Represent the views of the county Farm Bureau they are representing by presenting clear and concise comments on issues and offering amendments and changes that best reflect the thinking of the members of their county.
  • Plan to attend the Open Policy Development session prior to the annual meeting to address topics not considered at their county Farm Bureau annual meeting.
  • Will receive a proposed resolutions booklet in the mail. Delegates should review the proposed resolutions with other delegates from their county or district prior to the meeting. County or district meetings may be held. Delegates should confer positions with other county/district delegates and are encouraged to seek input from the county delegate chairperson.
  • Have the right to abstain from voting on any resolution. However, it is appropriate to gain knowledge on the issue from local farmers who may be affected or by gathering background information from other delegates or staff.