Policy Development Process

Farm Bureau's grassroots policy development process provides every regular Farm Bureau member an opportunity to participate and voice their concerns regarding issues pertinent to the agricultural industry. The end result is policy recommendations on local, state and national issues, that when adopted by the members, provide direction to the local, state and national organizations for the year.

Policy Resolutions

Each year, members participating on the Policy Development Committee get together to develop resolutions they would like to see adopted that affect agriculture in their local community, county or statewide. These policies are then presented at the county annual meeting for consideration and either approved or defeated.  Approved policies are then sent to Michigan Farm Bureau for consideration by the State Policy Development Committee and then voted at by delegates attending the Michigan Farm Bureau State Annual Meeting.

County Policy

Policies considered during the policy resolution process that focus on local issues and approved at the county annual meeting become county policy.  If you are interested in having a voice at the local, state and national level consider getting involved on the Policy Development Committee.