Educate Youth

  • Ag in the Classroom volunteers teach lessons to school children, creating a greater awareness of farming and the role of agriculture in the economy and society. 
  • Teacher resources provide lesson plans about agriculture which are matched to subject area Common Core/Michigan GLCEs standards and accurate agriculture information for use in classrooms.  For more information visit the Michigan Ag-in-th-Classroom website

Educate Farmers

  • Local Informational Meetings-for producers to become more familiar with local examples of agriculture management practices.
  • Educational Meetings-opportunities for farmers to share opinions on current issues affecting the agriculture industry.
  • Farm Safety Programs-to educate farmers and local first respondents about the unique challenges of agricultural accidents.

 Educate Consumers

  • County Fairs-host interactive displays to highlight local agriculture.
  • Promotional Events-utilize audiences at community festivals, activities and contests to promote local agriculture.

Educate Public Officials

  • Elected Official Meetings-host legislators, county and township officials on farm tours or at meetings to address the current needs of your local agriculture industry.